About the Curriculum

Life-controlling issues are complex. They affect the whole person – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our groups are designed to address each of these areas, providing healing and restoration to the whole person, not just treating the symptoms. 

If you are interested in one or more of these groups, click here to see if it is available. If the group you are interested in is not available at this time, please continue to regularly check the group finder page. 

Addiction Education

Exposing the nature of addiction and equipping you with practical and spiritual steps to establish a new normal of freedom from addiction and any other life controlling issue.  Such addictions/life controlling issues as drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, gambling, workaholism, and technology addictions.

Spiritual Growth

Change is possible because the gospel changes everything. You can discover what it looks like to work out your salvation and be transformed from addiction to freedom. You will learn how to hear God speak in the Scriptures and how to respond to him in conversational prayer.  Also, understanding the value of sharing your faith and how to share in natural conversations.

Social Development

Healthy relationships are valuable but not easy. The groups in this category equip you with tools to invest in the relationships in your life.  Even if those relationships are strained because of addictions or other life controlling issues these groups can assist with strategies to navigate these relationships.  You will learn how to have healthy boundaries and expectations that can bring about restoration.

Emotional Intelligence

Equips you to process setbacks and disappointments in a healthy way, with a Biblical perspective. Gaining freedom to walk in the victory Christ won, over the enemies that rob you of God’s best for your life. Equipping you to transform your emotions, outlook, and even your circumstances by taking control of your thoughts. Processing emotions such as anxiety, fear, and anger.

Balanced Life Skills

Practical life skills that will help prepare you for success.  Learning how to work in community, set goals, financial management, and self-leadership.  Approaching day to day life with a Godly perspective instead of a cultural perspective.

Families & Loved Ones

We also offer groups for families and loved ones. These groups educate, empower, and equip individuals to help those hurting in their lives.