“My addiction to controlling everything and everyone around me and my addiction to 2 drugs landed me in in jail. I learned two very important pieces to staying sober from this class. To me the hardest and most important part of being able to stay sober is letting go of my own control and letting God take control. I’ve come to realize that God has a better life for me than what I was living and I’ll never know that life unless I continue to allow God to take control.” – Candace

“When I started class I was confused. Turns out confusion doesn’t come from God.  I started in DHS system then on to drugs and alcohol abandoned at 12 and in and out of prison, now I’m 39 yrs old and have rededicated my life to my Heavenly Father. Since I have been in this 12 step program, our Heavenly Lord has opened doors. I’m free on the inside and that’s a miracle of its own.” – Jessica

“I’ve learned to let go of certain things and realize that everything will happen on his timing. I’ve grown a lot of different ways and grew in my walk with Christ. Fully understanding that if I keep Him first he’ll work in my favor. Learned that people will come and go and he’ll never leave nor forsake me and whenever I’m in a rut take it to him in prayer.” – Diamonique

“I found the Lord, after being a meth user and drug dealer since I was 20 I am 41 now. The Lord broke the stronghold of meth from me.” – Brandy

This program has helped me become stronger in my faith and stronger in my self. This 12 step class answered a lot of questions I had about my faith and had opened my eyes to habits and addictions I didn’t even know I had.  In this class I got baptized and was washed of my sins. Because of this class my relationship with God is strong and my addiction is bearable with the tools and resources I’ve been given to turn to God instead of drugs.” – Victoria