The Four Dimensions of Self-Leadership

The culture today is built on the idea of instant gratification, more is better, and a “no days off” attitude toward life. These cultural ideas can form a rapid-paced lifestyle that can be detrimental for those in leadership if they don’t have the maturity to focus on their own mental, emotional, and spiritual health. When leaders focus on slowing down and investing in their overall health, they can begin to lead themselves and others successfully. 

The importance of self-leadership in today’s rapid growth culture is pertinent to the success and influence that leaders will have on the world. In this two-part series, Jenni Catron will take us on a journey to learning self-leadership, and why every leader needs to take part. Jenni will walk through four principles that will help us become more self-aware and explain why being self-aware has lasting influence on our lives and the lives of others.