Bring Ready Now Recovery to Your Community

We value the communities we live in, and we want them to be healthy. Every community across this nation is impacted by addictions and other life-controlling issues. Unfortunately, resources to address these issues are often limited. Please watch this short video for more information, then click on the start a group button at the bottom of this page.

What's the process?

Step One

Fill out a short interest form to begin a conversation with the Ready Now Recovery team.

Step Two

Schedule a community presentation

Step Three

Schedule volunteers to begin training

I have more questions!

For a successful community presentation, you’ll need to have the following:

  • Neutral location in the community
  • Ability to distribute promotional materials throughout the community
  • Access for a Zoom call
  • Media capabilities
  • Provide sign up sheet for volunteers

You can start with at least two Ready Now Recovery trained facilitators. After hosting a community presentation there is an opportunity for people to sign up for the training. This will help build your community team.

You can host in-person groups in churches, community centers, storefronts, etc. The best places are neutral locations that promote a safe environment. You can also host virtual groups through the Sober Peer app. Never host groups in your home!

Depending on the size of your team, each group requires two facilitators. So, if you have 10 trained facilitators you could host up to 5 groups, which could be spread throughout the week, or you could run 5 different groups on one day.

We recommend no one younger than 13 should attend groups, and if they are under 16 they must be accompanied by a parent. If someone younger than 13 needs help, please refer them to our resource page for professional care.

We’d love to chat! Fill out our contact form and someone from our team will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.