Become a Ready Now Facilitator with Shenandoah Valley Adult & Teen Challenge

The fact that you clicked on this page indicates that you have some understanding of the nature of addiction and other life-controlling issues. You want to help others experience freedom, but you may not feel fully equipped. Ready Now Recovery Facilitator training enables you to facilitate a support group either in-person or virtually. We provide you with necessary resources and up to date information regarding addictions. This training will also usher you into multiple communities: your community, the Ready Now community, and the Adult & Teen Challenge community.

What's the process to become a volunteer?

Step One

Fill out a short interest form to begin a conversation with the Ready Now Recovery team.

Step Two

Submit a volunteer facilitator application online.

Step Three

Undergo a background check.
Note: there is a non-refundable $30 fee to process the background check.

Step Four

After your application is approved, you’ll begin your 45 day online training – a blend of online courses and live group training.

Step Five

After completing all required training, you will receive certification to begin facilitating your own groups.

I have more questions!

  • Certification Card: Identifies you as an approved ATC Facilitator/Trainer
  • Welcome Packet: Includes brochures, ATC resources, support team contact information, etc.
  • Annual Training: You will have access to ongoing training, required annual training, and advanced training
  • Updated Curricula: We are regularly writing new curricula which can be offered as new groups
  • Discount: You will receive a discount on select ATC curriculum
  • Resources: Referrals to hotlines, counseling services, and residential centers
  • Team Support: Ongoing access to team and tech support
  • RightNow Media: Access to unlimited resources for ministry and personal use

Ready Now Recovery Facilitators are volunteers. However, through the Assembly of God there are opportunities for missionary appointments.  If interested please contact us for more information.

Ready Now Recovery Group Dynamics

  • Introduction to Ready Now Recovery
  • What Does an RNR Group Look Like
  • Who Are RNR Facilitators (RNR Team)
  • Helping Skills and Techniques
  • Fundamentals and Group Dynamics
  • Fundamentals of Cutting-Off, Managing, and Preventing Conflict and Disruptive Behaviors
  • Launching Your First Ready Now Recovery Group

Breaking Free

  • Exposing the Nature of Addiction
  • Confronting Toxic Denial
  • Understanding Grief & Addiction
  • Ending the Addictive Cycle
  • Building a New Legacy
  • Establishing a New Normal

Intimacy with Purpose (male & female curriculum)

  • The Value of You
  • Treasure of Your Femininity/Masculinity
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Intimacy with God
  • Connecting with Others
  • The Intimacy of Marriage

Understanding and Supporting Healthy Grief

  • This two-step program introduces the relationship between grief and addiction and teaches methods for guiding individuals through difficult times of loss

Confidentiality for Volunteers

  • Intro to Confidentiality
  • Best Practices
  • Record Keeping
  • HIPAA & ATC Requirements

Loving Your Community

  • Drawing on more than 30 years of service to the community surrounding Faith Church in Indiana, pastor Stephen Viars shows you how to develop a dynamic, giving relationship with your community, one in which your natural response to needs is “Yes! How can we help?” No matter the size, location, demographics, or issues in your community, the approach found in this practical book will help you improve people’s lives, draw them into productive conversation about the hope you have in Christ, and glorify God.

Disciples are Made Not Born

  • The Kind of Person God Uses
  • Jesus as Lord
  • The Cost of Discipleship
  • A Proper View Of God and Man
  • Evangelism and the Disciple
  • Recruiting a Prospective Disciple
  • How to Train a Disciple – Follow up, Imparting the Basics, Conviction and Perspective, Gifts and Calling
  • Multiplying Your Efforts
  • Choosing a Life Objective

6 Week Group – Breaking Free 107

  • In-person/virtual group
  • One hour weekly
  • Observe a trainer
  • Conduct one session

The training is designed to be completed within 45 days from the time that you create your account in our online Learning Management System.

You will need to establish a core team of other trained Ready Now Recovery facilitators in your community to begin promoting and hosting  “in-person” groups. To host virtual groups, you will need to contact us so that you can be added to the virtual platform in order to create groups.

We’d love to chat! Fill out our contact form and someone from our team will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.