Virtual Options

Going to an in-person group isn’t always possible. There may not be a group near you, or your schedule might not work for any of the groups in your area. You may be part of an in-person group that meets on Wednesdays, but it is Monday and you had a tough weekend. That’s where virtual groups come in. You can join a group from your phone, anywhere in the world and get the support you need. 

Virtual Groups Powered by Sober Peer

Simply download the Sober Peer App to get started. It’s free. There you will find a community of friends near you. Select trigger locations and we’ll be there for you when a craving threatens your progress. Track your progress with your personal plan and sobriety score. It’s support for you — in your pocket.

How do I join a virtual group?

Step One

Go to the Sober Peer website or app and create an account

Step Two

On the Sober Peer app or website, select “find a small group.”

(Feel free to explore the community features of the Sober Peer app, as well.)

Step Three

Find a group that fits your specific need. If you can’t find one that fits your needs, let us know!

Step Four

Register for your group and start the journey towards recovery!

I have more questions!

The Sober Peer app has many community features and elements that are designed to help you in your recovery. On the app you can:

  • Write in your daily journal
  • Share your recovery journey with others
  • Mark triggers on a map to be notified when you’re near difficulties
  • Find and chat with others who are struggling
  • Check your feed for daily encouragement

You can reach Sober Peer’s 24/7 customer support at or 855-800-8886.

Sober Peer works on any device using either a PC, Mac, Tablet, iOs, or Android device.

We’d love to chat! Fill out our contact form and someone from our team will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.