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Action Plan

Updated 9/3/2021


Brand Guide

Updated 9/1/22


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Code of Conduct

1. Policy Inclusions. This ministry’s code of conduct is consistent with the following:

  • The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17)
  • The Great Commandments as stated by Jesus Christ (Matt. 22:37-40)

2. Personal Conduct. All persons connected with this ministry community, be they employees, or volunteer shall hereinafter be referred to as ministry community members. All such ministry community members must conduct their personal affairs so there can be no opportunity for unfavorable reflections upon the Christian beliefs and mission of the ministry, either expressed or implied. The use of common sense, good ethical standards and discretion will guide all who are called into community with the ministry in proper conduct. Failure to maintain reasonable standards is subject to discipline up to and including termination from the ministry community. It is expected that all members of our ministry community will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with biblical standards, values, and character.

3. Rules of Conduct. In every organization where many people interact on a regular basis, some specific rules and policies are necessary to establish acceptable standards of conduct, assure fair treatment of all members of the community, and enhance the smooth operation of the organization. Ministry community members are expected to become familiar with and abide by the standards outlined in this policy. The purpose of these rules is to maintain a community environment that protects the safety and dignity of each community member without placing unreasonable restrictions on anyone.

Ministry community members are expected to model appropriate behavior and conduct both on and off-campus and model relationships that demonstrate a growing Christlikeness manifested in a lifestyle that serves and gives itself to reconcile others. Ministry community members are also expected to model appropriate language on and off-campus and model speech that demonstrates a growing Christlikeness (Ephesians 5:4). Ministry community members shall maintain appropriate attitudes of concern for others. Problems concerning ministry community members’ roles, relationships, and professional conduct should first be handled directly with the person involved. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be concluded, the matter should move up the relevant chain of responsibility. Specifically, ministry community members shall respect the integrity and confidences of other community members and those outside of our community attending any of our ministry’s functions. Ministry community members are expected to operate within their respective roles.  

In summary, Christian ethics demand that ministry community members act in love and integrity, in confidentiality, and in alignment with the mission/purpose of this ministry.

4. Inappropriate Conduct. Violation of ministry rules and policies may result in an oral warning, a written warning, and/or termination of a member’s role in the ministry community. There is no requirement that discipline be progressive or that a warning be given prior to demotion or any other disciplinary action, including discharge from the ministry community. Set forth below are some examples of misconduct which will not be tolerated by the ministry. This list is not exhaustive, and examples are not listed in order of seriousness.

  • Falsification of personnel information or other ministry records.
  • Dating, or otherwise becoming romantically involved with, anyone under legal age.
  • Engaging in any activity which a ministry community member knows, or has reason to know, will adversely affect the mission of the ministry which is inclusive of illegal drug use, use of tobacco and/or vaping products, and alcohol.
  • Engaging in sexual acts and/or relationships outside the confines of biblical marriage between one man and one woman.
  • Deliberate damage or destruction of any ministry property or the property of any ministry community member.
  • Engaging in criminal conduct.
  • Insubordination, including but not limited to, failure or refusal to obey the orders or instructions of a supervisor or other ministry leader, or the use of abusive or threatening language toward a supervisor or other ministry leader.
  • Using abusive language at any time on campus.
  • Failure to notify a supervisor when unable to report to work.
  • Sleeping on the job.
  • Wearing unprofessional or inappropriate styles of dress (including dressing in such a way as to willfully reject one’s sex assigned at birth (Gen. 1:27)).
  • Violation of any safety, health, security or ministry policies, rules, or procedures.
  • Committing a fraudulent act or a breach of trust under any circumstances.
  • Unlawful harassment of a sexual manner.
  • Engaging in behavior that suggests a willful violation of the religious beliefs and practices of the ministry including rejection of one’s sex assigned by God at birth.

If a ministry community member has any doubt about whether certain conduct will constitute misconduct or behavior that suggests a willful violation of the religious beliefs and practices of the ministry, the community member should ask an appropriate ministry leader. 

By signing below, ministry community member acknowledges they have read, understood, and agree to abide by this Christian Code of Conduct and that this ministry reserves the right to discipline said community member (up to and including termination from the community) for any action(s) in violation of this Code of Conduct.

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Facilitator Moving / Relocation Form

Use this form to notify the RNR team about new contact information (email/phone/address).

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Facilitator Observation Form

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Facilitator Responsibilities

Updated 10/24/22


Introductory Session

Updated 5/9/22


Media Release


Online Store Instructions

  1. Go to Store – Adult & Teen Challenge Store (
  2. Click “My Account” at the top of the page. (It will be on the gray banner above “search products” and “view cart.”)
  3. This is where you can log in before making an order, but if it is your first time using our online store, fill out the “Register” form to create an account.
    • It is important to select the correct account type when filling out the form. If you are ordering for an ATC center or a similar ministry, this will automatically apply the appropriate discounts at check-out. 
    • This is also important if you are an ATC staff member because it will help us connect your purchased online courses to your bridge account. 
  4. Once you are logged in, add items to your cart! You can add sets, manuals, study guides, and more to your cart by browsing through our “Quick Links,” located under the search product bar.
    • Feel free to use our quick order form to order individual products. This form is located at the top of the GSNL page in an orange box.
      • The quick order form can be slow at times. If you start typing a product in the product box, a drop-down box will give you options to select. Once again, it may take a minute for the drop-down box to show up. 
      • Once you complete the quick order form, you can press “add to cart” at the bottom of the page. This will send all items to your cart. 
  5. Once you are done shopping, proceed to check out! 

If you have any issues with your order or need to make changes, feel free to call (417) 581-2181 ext. 0 or email We are happy to help!

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Participant Curriculum List


Participant Registration


Promo Videos


Ready Now Brochures

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Ready Now Recovery Logos


Renewing & Managing Your RNR Certification

  1. Log into your RNR facilitator Portal account by scrolling to the end of the page on the RNR website and click on the words "Facilitator Portal".

  2. Once you are logged in, click “Account” located at the top, right side of the screen.

  3. Select “Manage Subscriptions from the drop down menu.

  4. Once that page has loaded, you will then be able to manage and renew your RNR subscription, as well as set up payment methods.

If you have any questions or issues about editing or canceling your RNR subscription, feel free to email us or call at (417) 581-2181 ext. 217!

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Resource List Template

Updated 2/8/2022


RightNow Media

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Small Group Expectations

Faith Based: Everything we do will be through the guidance of the Bible, The Word of God.  We will in every group pray, read scripture, and encourage you to connect with a local church.

Sobriety: On this journey and in your steps to recovery please make a commitment to sobriety. We ask that you not attend groups while under the influence. If you are struggling with this, please reach out to the facilitator in advance and they can help you with resources for extended care and support.

Confidentiality: What is said in the group stays in the group unless it is determined that a person is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else. Nothing said in the group should be discussed outside the group without the permission of those involved. If you are in an online group, make sure that you are in a room by yourself so that no one else can hear or see the other participants in the group.

Comfort level: Please speak/share within your own comfort level. We value your input, but please do not feel pressured to speak/share.

Respect: We do not advise, analyze or “fix” others. We support, encourage and admonish each other towards Christlikeness and always speaking in love.

No Convincing: Share your opinions – a difference in opinion is welcome. However, please don’t try to convince others to your way of thinking. 

Focus on Yourself: It’s easy to talk about the issues of others, but for our purposes, we want you to put yourself on the table. Try to use “I” statements rather than “them”, “the church”, “us”, “we”, etc. 

Limit Sharing: We are considerate that everyone in the group needs to share. We will be sensitive to limit our discussion to avoid dominating group discussion times.

Regular Attendance: We will make a commitment to our group to attend regularly, to be on time and end on time.

Listen:  When someone is talking, they have the floor. Everyone else will actively listen.

Be prepared: We will come ready to fully participate in our group.

Silence: Please silence all electronic devices for the duration of the meeting.

Conflict Resolution:  We will guard against offending one another. If someone offends us, we will work it out directly with them. Whenever relationships are involved, there will be conflict. We will handle the conflict biblically according to the guidelines of Matthew 18.

Not a substitute: This group is in no way a substitute for medical or psychological care. We never advise anyone to stop taking medications or cancel their doctor’s care. We never recommend alternative substances or meditations.

Revised 4/6/22

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